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The “Just Ask” Foundation, Inc
P.O. Box 19694 Old Redford, Michigan 48219


As a grounded and proven resource in the community since 1995, The “Just Ask” Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for disabled individuals, the elderly, their caregivers and the general public.


Its purpose is to identify and provide access to information and community resources such as legal rights, job availability, health services, education, training programs, durable medical equipment, technology, organizational services, and healthy eating style. The “Just Ask” Foundation has been successful in providing these serves for over 25 years and has a focused and purpose drive plan for continuous development.

As its media arm, The “Just Ask” Talk Show was established to provide viewers in Michigan and beyond with information regarding services and resources that enable persons with disabilities to fully participate in everyday life.

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It is an informative, enlightening and encouraging program that focuses on working, living, and contributing actively in the community. The program features guests who share personal triumphs, success and resources. Among these valued guests are local city, state and federal officials and organizational leaders.

Greater Awareness

Our approach is to work towards greater awareness, education and enhancement of the community in regards to the disabled and the elderly

Team work and community support is the core of “Just Ask” as a whole. With the support of area business, organizations and citizens, the stigmas surrounding the disabled can be redefined and molded into an initiative of creating an environment of inclusion and progression.

Goals of The “Just Ask” Foundation, Inc. are to establish meaningful relationships with key business leaders and organizations; to promote self-determination and responsible participation of the disabled and the elderly in all areas of life and living and continue the educational drive to promote an informed public – nationwide.