Consider Self Employment/Small Business???

This column will appear for informational purposes only. We intend to talk about employment related issues and questions about the work in today’s world. 

Consider Self Employment/Small Business???

Are you having problems finding your niche’ in the job market? Have the newly created occupations eluded you ?? Are they hard to find?? Perhaps, you might consider an option to become an entrepreneur. Most jobs are found through smaller employers creating jobs. With the proper preparation and training, one can gain independence and financial stability.

Now, you should know up front, the entrepreneur chooses a different lifestyle. It requires a lot of study and learning. One learns about identifying demographics i.e. target marketing, where potential customers exist, their willingness to spend money and the growth potential of a business. Of course, you will learn about taxes – payroll & business. This endeavor will require you to adopt a new way of living. The business poses a modified life. You will spend many hours both day and night planning towards success; not to mention research required to complete the dream. After putting your dream in full motion, you can name your own hours, when and how hard your work.

There are many resources to start your search towards entrepreneurship like Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute, Ann Arbor Center for Independence Living, Central Michigan’s LaBelle Institute and the Business Information Center/SBA in Flint. Many Community Colleges and 4- year Universities are offering classes in owning your own business. In the coming articles, Jim Bunton, self employment consultant, will provide you some tips about the vocational option.

Don’t be afraid to find your niche in Self Employment, but, roll up your sleeves and be prepared for a uphill journey.

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