Overlooking Holiday Hiring

This column will appear for informational purposes only. We intend to talk about employment related issues and questions about the work in today’s world.

Overlooking Holiday Hiring

With the Holiday season upon us, many times we forget to seek a job. We feel that many things are going on and we don’t have time to think about our predicament. NOT BEING EMPLOYED. We want to get in the SPIRIT, eat, shop and have a few spirited beverages, but not the job thing.

In many cases, the Holiday season becomes a way to pry the employment doors open. Employers often look to see how persons handle the stress of the Holidays; do they show up on time? do they miss days; do they seem preoccupied? In some cases, people lose good jobs because the festivities were to good to save for later. Now, this does not mean that employers will hire anyone. You still must bring something to the table; but, don’t stop looking. You can make such a good impression that they will keep you beyond the season.

The Holidays become a test period to find dedicated workers; not only in mall but many other companies. Use this as a trial period. You also may use this time as a comparison period ; find your niche. Looking for employment can be an easy task; learn your employer; know what makes them click and give many clicks.

Happy Hunting Holidays!

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