How to Find a Job in a Tight Job Market

This column will appear for informational purposes only. We intend to talk about employment related issues and questions about the work in today’s world.

How to Find a Job in a Tight Job Market

Many people have become hopeless about their job prospects given the many layoffs, company budget crunches and cutbacks. However, there is a hidden market for job seekers. Many employers do not advertise openings because they want to avoid the thousands of applications for one or two jobs, being inundated the unqualified candidates and the high cost of placing ads through the media. Yet, they employment needs!

Many jobs go by word of mouth, referrals from current employees or people that use unconventional methods to find a job.

There are options that you can explore:

  1. List companies that you would ideally like to work for.
  2. Do some research to identify persons in that company that make hiring decisions.
  3. Place a call to that person requesting time to meet with him or her.
  4. Find our their hobbies, favorite lunchtime meals. Send a token hobby item; send a lunch snack i.e.favorite pizza or flowers—THIS WILL HELP FACILITATE AN APPOINTMENT. You can find out these things from their secretary.
  5. Use the internet tools to do your research – Open Options or O-Net at your local library. Get the community Manufacturer’s Guide or check with the Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t be surprised of what can happen. Be Prepared for the job. People have volunteered at a work site to get their foot in the door. This gives the employer to see what you can do. Build a relationship; establish rapport and remember to call back often!

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