Mr. Jobs Speaks

This column will appear for informational purposes only. We intend to talk about employment related issues and questions about the work in today’s world.

First is the question: Are you job ready?

One must take an honest look at:

  1. What career do you aspire to have?
  2. What skills or qualities do you currently possess to present to the employer?
  3. Do you have the required education or training required by the employer?
  4. Have you done your homework? Finding out about the history of the company, annual financial report, who the company does business with, who are the competitors, who are the officers of the company, what is the company’s mission? So when possible look up the company on the web! Or call and ask for information. Know something about the company you want to work for!!!
  5. Do you know how to dress for the interview?
  6. Do you know how to interview for the job? Have you ever had a mock interview? Can you sell yourself to the company? Have you practiced making eye contact? Can you answer sharp, crisp questions without being too nervous?

You should know that there are free resources to help you such as: Michigan Works! Office and the Local Public Libraries. Remember, the days of being an empty vessel to the employer’s table is gone; you must have some abilities that are in demand.

So, take a course through Adult Education, a Computer Class, a Community College; enhance your reading and math skills by all means – DO SOMETHING!

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