Let me start off by introducing myself my name is Marsha Florence, Producer and Host of “Just Ask” talk show information and resource show for the disable, elderly, caregivers and the general public. “Just Ask” talk show was develop to provide resourceful information and to answer question for persons who maybe experiencing difficulty accepting changes in their lives due to a disability or taking care of an elderly love one. Often people are confused about how to address a person with a disability! So let me give you the true dictionary term of the words Handicapped and Disable…

Handicap according to Webster: hand•i•cap

1. A race or competition in which advantages or penalties are given to individuals’ contestants in order to equalize the chance of winning.

2. A physical or mental disability.

3. A hindrance or To be a disadvantage to: Impede

Disable according to Webster: Dis•a•ble

1. To make motionless or powerless by damage or injury. B. To weaken or destroy the normal physical or mental abilities of.

2 To render legally disqualified.

3.To suppress an interrupt feature.

Wow, just reading that turns me off! I never thought I was HANDICAPPED OR DISABLED! But I did understand that I was slightly different because I can not hear out of both ears, but I still don’t thinks these are the proper terms for me and I am sure for not many others.

Although I did choose to use the word Impaired! After a long conversation with my Ear Doctor who smiled at me and said young lady you may only hear out of one ear, but its as good as if you where using two! So we agreed on the term impaired for medical purpose only.

But for general conversation what do so many others and I want to be called?

So what do you call a person with a disability? BY THEIR NAME!!

Remember if you have a question about a person with a disability or just a general question don’t be afraid to ask “JUST ASK”

I’m your Host, Marsha Florence

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