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Getting Into You…

What’s the meaning of life? Every person on the planet has contemplated or will contemplate this universal query. Without going too deep into the philosophical abyss, one can always simply abstract that life was meant to be lived: But what does that mean exactly?

Webster’s 2nd New College Dictionary defines living (to live) as:

pursuing a positive, satisfying experience.


It also means to experience. Stop. Take a minute and ask yourself–what are you experiencing? Better yet, what are you pursuing? If you have not already done so, I invite you to delve into an utterly fascinating subject: YOU ! Below, you will find a 3-step process that will guide you into discovering and loving yourself.

Celebrate yourself.

Don’t wait for anybody else to do it. If you wait for somebody else to celebrate your achievements or the greatness that’s been given to you, you may never get around to it (this is also a good tip to keep you from looking for that pat on the back that may never come). You’ve got to be able to say to yourself: You did a good job! If nobody was around and saw it—if everybody was around and saw it! We have many opportunities to celebrate ourselves on any given day. Whether we’ve been working on our patience and that person who gets on our nerves more than anybody on earth comes around and you deal kindly with them. That’s surely a reason to celebrate! They may have no idea how much strength it took you to be nice, but you do.

Value yourself.

You have got to value you, or no one else will. You have got to be your own best friend, your own avid cheerleader and your #1 fan. This can be a real challenge because unconsciously, we constantly allow ourselves to be devalued. We don’t understand our own worth and when you don’t understand the worth of something, you’ll sell something valued at a million dollars for a penny. In other words, you can be bamboozled. However, here’s a way to thwart that: Discover the Good Things About Yourself [Skills, Characteristics, features, etc.] & Focus on them vs. the negatives [bad things] We have been so trained by the cruelty and exclusivity of our image-conscious society, that we would focus on the one area we don’t like versus the one hundred that we do. (Hello somebody!)

Enjoy yourself.

Make some “You” time—time to do things you enjoy. Have FUN, people! Stay up late, laugh out loud, read that book—do whatever it is that makes you smile. In that moment, you are no longer mom, dad or office manager. This can be especially challenging for those “busy bees” among us, but we all need balance. I have found that all work and no play make Jane an angry beast—can I get a witness?

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