Life Includes Potholes…

Driving down Michigan highways can be adventurous. It seems to always become some sort of maze video game where the object becomes ‘how to avoid the potholes.’ If you are like me, then you go to great lengths to avoid the great craters in the road (seeking really to avoid the car service that they will lead to). Therefore, whenever a pothole would sneak up on me or because of a car in another lane, I couldn’t avoid one, I would literally become angry. I guess I thought that if one was extremely intentional and very careful that one could avoid every pothole.

One day while I was driving, however, I had a revelation: You Can’t Avoid Every Pothole.

Potholes are a part of life; just like we can not always avoid ‘bad things happening to us,’ ‘cars needing service at some point,’ adversity or personal pain. Sometimes we carry the mistaken notion that “If I’m good or if I do only good, then only good things will happen to me.”

“Not so” said Karolyn. Life will happen to you and friends: life includes good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows, summers and winters. So, what do we do? Enjoy the good and know that bad is coming at some point or learn from the ant (who is depicted as wise) and prepare for winter in the summer.

Take a final thought from the trees. Trees go through summer, winter, spring and fall every year and they are still standing. Sometimes, they are blossoming, sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes they are blowing in the wind and sometimes they are naked—but they make it and live to tell the story and so will you.

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