Protect Your Independence

When I think of independence, it means having options and the ability to make personal choices.

Our lifestyle can change at any time and any age. Take a look at some facts of aging:

  •  The 65+ age group will increase by 20% by 2050. Currently there are almost 34 million Americans age 65 and over.
  •  The American Association of Retired People (AARP) estimates that 11% of grandparents over 50 years old are helping to raise their grandchildren. This is called the Club-Sandwich Generation because they are caught with the responsibility of taking care of very old parents also.
  •  In 1995 9.9 million older Americans (30%) lived alone. Would you believe that 78% owned their own homes while 1% 65-74 years old lived in nursing homes. This increased to 5% for those 75-84 years old.

Why talk about this? If not properly prepared, we can lose our financial freedom and freedom of choice about the care we receive.

Independent Living options are in-home care services (non-medical care), moving to an Independent Living or Retirement Community, having food delivery assistance and visiting physicians/nurses.

Payment Options: Private Pay.

Personal Care (8-24 hours) Options range from having assisted living from your home or a facility, Nursing Home, or Hospice at home or a facility.

Payment Options: Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, Reverse Mortgage (if you live at home), Medicare and Medicaid (for those with low income or for short periods of time).

Are you prepared? If you want to learn more about this subject and how to prepare, please give me a call at 248 851-4376 or email me at Don’t wait for the last minute to plan. It may be the worst choice you ever make.

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