What Have Your Been “WEIGHTING” For?

Constipation, bowel function, detoxification and colon cleansing may not be typical topics of discussion during the average girlfriends gathering, however, Dr. Khephera Jesal, co-founder of the Natural Healing Institute, vocally shares the myths and truths surrounding such topics during her quarterly women-only “What Have You Been Weighting For” Lifeshop. This lifeshop was originally entitled “What Have You Been Weighting For – Mind Over Fatter” in 1992 when Jesal first launched the women-only sessions after detecting drastic differences between the female and male clients she and her husband, Dr. Amen Ra serviced at their clinic.

The Lifeshop was inspired by the need she saw for women to heal and gain knowledge about how thoughts impact their health and well-being. “I have found that women are typically more constipated than men on a physical level but it stems from the inability to release and let go mentally and emotionally and, as a result, it seriously inhibits the body’s natural process. A body that is not at ease is in a state of dis-ease,” shared Jesal who was once a size 18, unhealthy and severely constipated.

“Over the last 25 plus years in this business my main focus has been health education on the benefits of detoxification. My quest over the last 35 years is to assist women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The most common complaint brought to me is of dieting and not losing weight.” Jesal believes she has discovered why diets don’t work and as a result obesity is on the increase. She will address the overwhelming failures her clients and other women have had during the lifeshop. In addition to discussions on losing physical weight, Jesal will cover the perils of mental stress and the effect relationships, finances, health, and family have on the physical body.

To learn more about hosting a lifeshop offered by Dr. Jesal, or to register for upcoming lifeshops, visit online at: www.thenaturalhealinginstitute.com

This advice is not intended to diagnose or prescribe or cure disease, but offer nutritional information to help you cooperate with your doctor in your mutual goal of building health. In the event that you use this information with out your doctor’s approval you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but we assume no responsibility.

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