Why Infant Massage Training?

When you first came home with that precious baby, did you feel like, “I got this!” Or was it more like, “Oh my God! What am I’m going to do now?” Sure you read all the books (or maybe not) about caring for a newborn. Perhaps you attended a parenting class at a local health and well- baby clinic. But did that instill the level of confidence you wished you had as that door closed behind you and you realized that the little bundle of life in your arms was now depending on you to take care of its every need for the next 18 years? Back that up to 18 months, or try 18 hours. No matter, who’s counting? You are Mom and Dad to a real baby‚Ķ at last. You’re determined to give it your very best of love, care and security.

What will it be like to wake up every 2 hours for feedings over the next several weeks? What about colicky or sick baby problems? When will sleeping longer hours happen? Is it better to hold the baby when it cries, or not? Is it important to talk or read to the baby? When does bonding happen? Hundreds and thousands of questions will flood your mind as the reality sinks in, you’re all this kid’s got. You need some answers that will make a difference in how you experience parenthood and how your child experiences you

Infant massage has played a significant role in addressing many of the above concerns. Mothers have massaged their babies from ancient times with the intention of overcoming health problems, establishing schedules of wake and sleep time, and most importantly, connecting with baby’s innocence heart. As an Infant Massage Instructor, I look forward to answering questions about the need for and importance of infant massage to a happy, healthy baby. Babies need more than the basic externals of food, warmth, shelter, clothing and education. We all do. When a parent learns how to hold, touch, and massage a new born who has known no other physical touch other than the soft and secure caress of the womb, that parent has consciously entered into a special place with their offspring. It’s my delightful task to teach parents of babies, toddlers and youngsters how to open doors of communication, with their precious child, that have been waiting to welcome you ever since conception.

Please accept this invitation to learn more about effectively applying an infant massage and the benefits to the baby and parents. The difference will amaze you and bless your family for a life time. View the “Just Ask Talk Show” interview done with Marsha Florence to get some questions answered. Let me know what your specific questions are. Let’s get started with turning some issues around with the profoundly effective techniques available through infant massage training.


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