Violence 2006

Last month another young man was shot and killed in a senseless case of guns and violence. A popular rapper shot a military veteran home from Iraq over a game of pool. I don’t know about you but I am getting really sick and tired of people shooting each other for no important reasons. Not that there is ever a significant reason but at least one that makes sense.

In our nation’s constitution “Every man has a right to bear arms.” People mistake this as meaning anyone and everyone can and should have a gun. This preamble was created so that Americans could protect themselves against foreign invaders not bad pool games, gangs, rappers who need to have a rep and angry people who would rather shoot someone than walk away. This situation is killing our community, our nation and the society at large.

So many brilliant young potential success stories have never been realized. They are buried six feet under, locked away or crippled beyond repair. When will we wake up and realize that guns don’t solve problems? Maybe when there is no one left to fight? I hope not, we are fast becoming a society where men are disappearing faster than some endangered animal species because of violence, guns and drugs. Who will raise our children? When will this cycle end?

In the city so many wonderful things have happened from the Motown winter blast, super bowl, community improvement, pride and joy for Detroit. In order for these things to continue to develop and grow we have to make a commitment to lay our guns down and walk away from the violence. Many people would say it’s not that simple but in truth it really is. You just have to make the right choice!

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