Great Expectations of Detroit

April is here and the weather is becoming more and more pleasant each day. Spring flowers have begun to emerge from the cold ground and the birds have returned singing their familiar tunes. Budget time has also arrived for a City in crisis and the familiar tunes are once again being sung. The mayor is singing budget cuts, the community is crying foul and everyone else is singing the tune of who cares.

In a few days the mayor will release his proposed budget and many have already begun to criticize his decisions to cut some city services. The community is complaining about the garbage piling up on our streets, the lack of lights at night and the increase in crime in certain neighborhoods. Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago when we all were feeling positive and excited for our future?

The Superbowl had promised us so much and it seems just as quickly as those promises have faded. A dim veil of hopelessness seems to be seeping into the city filling all with sadness and infecting everyone that it touches. Talk shows, radio and community meetings have become places where griping turned out to be commonplace.

I keep running towards the hope of a bright future one where garbage is picked up by the city or a private contractor. I am looking towards a future where there will be action and not meaningless debate. Remember, it only takes one person to make a difference. Will you be the one who stands up to say enough is enough?

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