Immigration is the hot topic of the day. It’s disheartening to hear so many politicians, community leaders and folk talk about immigration. Either you let them stay or you don’t. I’m so tired of listening to people talk about what’s right and fair when the real issue is what you are doing to help people who are citizens.

Programs are designed for foreign born persons to immigrate to the United States and take advantage of the financial opportunities available to them. Actual citizens have to scrape and beg to receive help. In my office a community service center in Detroit I see mothers, families and people who are desperately looking for answers. They come in looking for work, assistance, child care. There are a few programs at best that help with the mounting needs of the community.

In any community you can drive through and find a family struggling and no one is willing to even donate a can of soup to help. What happened to community? Remember, when you could go next door and borrow a cup of sugar. I’m sure no one would do that now because either you don’t know your neighbors or you are afraid that your neighbors would not help you anyway.

I know there are some people who still do help in their community but it’s becoming a rarity. It’s easier to bash someone because they are different and you want to blame them for America’s problems. Unfortunately, it’s not their fault their coming to this country because we invited them. When we take back our communities, families and our children then let’s talk about how we can impact another segment of our population that is not the cause of our problems but simply a symptom.

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