Spring Cleaning 2007

The fresh scent of hyacinths, tulips and daffodils fill my home as I welcome spring. I have begun to clear out the clutter in the cabinets, closets and my dining room. My husband uses our dining room table for his catch all of his stuff for his youth league. Papers, basketball gear and jerseys have littered my table for months. I have been kicking my husband to give our table a proper cleaning so that it can be used for family meals once again. He sighs and says “Yes, dear I’ll clean the table.” I sigh to myself knowing it’s taking him longer than I would like.

Finally, my table is a dining table once more and the clutter is moving to the garbage or to someone in need. So many times clothes, household items, and other things that people can use just sit and collect dust. When was the last time that you went through your closet and donated some gently used items that you no longer use. Women we always hold on to things saying we will wear that again knowing full well that we really won’t. Let’s share those items with someone who can use them to get a job, clothe themselves or give them an opportunity to have something new and nice that they might not have ordinarily had.

Men are guilty too of holding on to things. Kids hold onto toys when they no longer play with them. There are people who could use our stuff. The saying goes “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Share it with someone so that they can have a treasure which is the gift of giving. This is not just for Christmas but all year long. This is what keeps our communities strong and helps our families in need.

Families all over Michigan are struggling to find their way because of a harsh economy, high gas prices, high unemployment; shortages in community services have all attacked our community. Families need blankets, school supplies and other necessities to survive. Sometimes what we take for granted can break a family because the cost is too high for them.

Being able to give something away will not only help you feel better and get rid of clutter but it might even help someone have a better day! Be a good neighbor and support the families in your community it’s the right thing to do.

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