Hidden Disabilities

Hidden Disabilities. It has occurred to me that many people my have self -imposed some issues where help is available. Persons may realize that they experience difficulties because of a “hidden” disability or condition. Let me give you some examples: problems learning ( reading, comprehension or math); poor concentration (attention deficit), Mental illness/emotional conditions that have interfered with you finding and/or holding a job. This list is not exhausted but only to stimulate you to seek out assistance.

Don’t let anything prevent you from striving towards or reaching a job goal. There are many organizations that will help to make a difference in your quest to be a contributing tax paying working citizen. You can be told about the “TICKET TO WORK” program, vocational rehabilitation and the private rehabilitation companies. The world wide web can direct you. You don’t need to own a computer. If you have one that is great. If you don’t, visit your local library. If you don’t know how to use them, a librarian will be glad to help you with any inquiry.

Refuse to be left out!

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