How do I survive in a limited job market?

This column will appear for informational purposes only. We intend to talk about employment related issues and questions about the work in today’s world.

I have been asked on a number of occasions, “What should I be doing or I can’t find a job. ” There are several obvious things that a person can do while the economy is bad. Giving up is not an option.

One: Go to the local library and secure a copy of company information, particularly; the financial statements. Did you know that companies that lay off staff hire new employees in different capacities? In the process of ‘right sizing’ and cutting costs, a company will still need to have work done and create new jobs.

Two: Ask neighbors about their place of employment, not simply; are they hiring? Find out who makes hiring decisions. Get that appointment with the person. Use the friends name ( if they are a valued and productive worker) as a reference. Volunteer for a few hours showing the value that you can bring. Ask to do some filing, sweep up the factory floor, etc… Find out about their needs.

Three: Brush up on you reading, math and English. Employers want to know that you can follow written instructions. Also, make sure your “soft skills” are appropriate. Practice interviewing, visit your local MichiganWorks! office and attend classes in you community by calling City Hall or the library.

Formulate a strategy of beginning each day as if you are going to work. Don’t just lay around watching TV. Get busy!

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