Downsizing Your Home With Dignity

The philosophy about moving or downsizing has a negative connotation when it’s not bad at all. You’re just making room for a more vibrant and viable lifestyle.

Before downsizing, make sure that aging parent and adult children work together. Treat each other’s feelings with dignity.


Go one room at a time and remove the clutter. If you have not used the item for over one year, consider tossing or donating it. Naturally, first ask family members if they want it. Keep only what you use not what you want.

Moving to a new home

PLASTIC STORAGE BINS: Use for items to be stored in the basement or special closet.

CARDBOARD BOXES: Use only for items used daily and opened first day of move. No need to mark names of rooms. Dispose of unused items prior to moving (To reduce stress and save money).

Tips on what to keep

If you like your furniture, if space allows why not enjoy that furniture in your new place? Minor changes can make the atmosphere look new and without spending money buying new items. If you do not feel good with the item anymore, get rid of it or ask a family member if they want it.


One option is to pay 1-800-GOTJUNK to remove unwanted items and appliances. They respond quickly and with quality service. Don’t get overwhelmed with information. Take your time as they say “one step at a time”. Contact a charity or your senior center. Great going! Take a vacation, lunch with friends or a movie because you deserve it. If this advice is overwhelming, contact a professional organizer.

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