Keeping Young Part 2

Keeping young means keeping busy. Doing something meaningful to you and others. After reading a booklet by The Institute of Gerontology, these stories touched my heart.

Grandma’s True Stories

I decided to write a small book of memoirs to give to each grandchild. After the holidays, I decided to continue with more stories to tell. I designed a colorful cover and presented each one to the grandchildren as well as good friends. This project has sharpened my mind and opened up my world with writing.

“Escaping the Jaws of the Chow”

He came at me out of the darkness, growling as I was walking past the owner’s house. They usually kept their gate locked with the dog inside the year, but that night, someone had obviously forgotten to close and lock it. I started to tremble, and slowly moved toward the steps leading up to their porch. Then, I ran up the steps as fast as my skinny legs would carry me, and that big chow-dog was in fast pursuit! I climbed up on the wide railing and reached up as high as my little arms would reach! Thank God for helping me to grab hold of the rafter above! I started to scream. Help, Help. somebody HELP!!!! I must have made enough noise to wake the owner of the dog who opened the front door and grabbed his dog’s collar then dragged him into the house. That was the scariest experience that had happened to me in all my nine years of life! I had nightmares for a long, long time after that. THAT vicious dog would have made mince-meat out of me.

Golden Years

One day on my way to playing cards, a friend asked me to come to a creative writing class with her. Writing has become a big part of me. The older you get, the faster the day goes by. Don’t try to be like anybody else but just be yourself. There is something great in every stage of life. Just open your eyes and look for fun.

These stories remind me how important it is to hang onto life and never let go. You can be anywhere to write your story. There is something we all have to share and getting started is the hard part. Don’t give up and have faith. It is worth it.

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