Keeping Young

Each day is a new adventure. I know you have heard this before. How have you related it to your own life? After 25 years of word processing jobs, I decided to start my own business as a personal organizer for seniors (five years ago). So many seniors are having problems reaching for items. Many have moved to senior facilities and took everything with them. Of course, their lifestyle changed and many things will never be used.

As many of you know, I was diagnosed legally blind two years ago. I see clearly but unfortunately I have limited field of vision (how much I can see at one glance). Now I rely on others to drive me. To make it more difficult, I used to ride the Smart Bus. I moved to Waterford two months ago and there is no public transportation.

In preparation for this move, I decided to become involved with the Waterford Senior Network of services for our older population. It was important having a disability to look beyond what can’t be done. I looked at what can be done.

Next, when we moved into the condo we needed many things. We needed storm doors, blinds, drapery, places to do food shopping, cleaners and more. We did not know the neighborhood yet. I asked our new neighbors whom they used and liked.

Idea: Why not create a welcome basket for others that were buying condo’s in our area. I approached the builder for his feedback. He thought it was a great idea and would include it in the purchase packets at time of closing. Then I called all the companies and services that I liked and those suggested by my neighbors. I contacted the Waterford Township Park and Recreations for information. I asked for 50 brochures from each of them. The stores and services were happy to help out and it didn’t cost to do this.

Recently I went to the Waterford Senior Health Fair and the Michigan Professional Women’s Network Health Fair. I walked around the tables and met services ranging from Diabetic Shoes, Upshaw Institute for the Blind and Hearing Impaired, Medicare information center, in home care, massage therapists and sugar-free nutrition support just to name a few. I have developed relationships with many of these services and plan to use their products. Once I feel comfortable with their services, I can recommend them to others.

Yes, this keeps me young. I consider this a balanced life.

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