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Many of the articles found on a web site are written by elder service providers. We offer information about various elder needs hoping they help with informed decisions. However, what about those needs that are not being met. Without your help, how can we provide them.

I recently was told about a competitor offering the same services. I always wondered if they were really “senior friendly”. My client complained that they waited for the last minute to pack everything. They never talked to her about what she wanted. When she was moved, they packed her cell phone charger and it still has not be found. Next, she was charged a lot of money for what could have been performed by the moving company, for less.

To correct problems you faced from “quality” services, please write me about these problems. On the other side, please make sure to share services you were thrilled with. Your experiences can help others make better choices. My desire is to publish some of your letters in other issues without your name.

Provide your name only if you want me to find services for you. I will keep confidential any companies you have been unhappy with. Knowing their names I can avoid referring them to others.

What services are poorly provided to one person could have been great for another. I will collect your responses and evaluate if those services truely misrepresent what they offer. My desire is to find out what is needed and try to see how to provide them in our community. I need your help:

Sample Topics:

  • Transportation Issues
  • Loneliness
  • Senior Activities Desired
  • Finding a new place to live
  • Finding quality care
  • Finding reasonable services
  • Receiving follow up services
  • Others

Thank you for helping me understand the needs and feelings of our elder community.

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