The Choice to Move

The choice to move can be overwhelming. Some families need to choose housing for an ill loved one. Others must sell a home when a loved one goes into an assisted living facility.

My husband is retired and we decided to move if the right place was available. We are tired from looking at our options over the last few months. Again, having a new start is exciting and knowing there are options at the same time. This was a great time to look because there wasn’t a need to move. Change is scary but there are times when it makes sense. Moving means changing a lifestyle and sometimes moving away from friends.

This is my story:

Lifestyles change, my vision is becoming a problem with gardening plus cleaning a big home. We have lived in our home for 24 years. Did we really want to move or are we just playing around with the idea? Where to start?

First we asked a real estate agent take us house hunting. Did we want a condo and just a smaller home? After seeing so many available homes/condos, it became confusing. However, it helped me learn what I CAN’T live with. We decided on a condo but should it be new or old? Many of the new homes are built so cheaply.

After looking at old homes, many are having problems with aging foundations and roofs. We found a condo being sold so the husband could be closer to family and medical care. It was 18 years old but taken care of inside. However during an inspection, we learned that the foundation was going to have problems soon. We found a new condo complex in Waterford, MI that reflected the dedication of the builder to detail and quality. The price was right and we decided this would be our home.

Next, We needed to sell our home first. We signed up with a realtor who sold our home in one week. THIS WAS AMAZING. We need to close on our home to have money for the new condo. Now comes the mortgage company, working with the builder to close, ordering new appliances and window treatments. What furniture can be use in this new place to save money?

What about the packing? I took all the pictures off the walls that would not go with me and donated them. Plastic containers are being used for breakables and items that will NOT be opened once for a long time. When I need these items, they will be there but why take up excess cupboard space for storage.

Staples had a good price on packing boxes. The items put inside the boxes were to be unpacked for daily use. Many items such as lawn mower, barbeque grill, and automotive items (my husband retired from Ford Motor) are to be sold or donated. I boxed everything but what is needed to live with for one month such as daily dishes and canned food items, towels and linens. Believe it or not this takes up only 4 cabinets.

All the help I provided seniors was going to be in Waterford instead of the lower Oakland County areas. Waterford has one of the best senior support programs. New friends and groups will have to be formed. I look forward to the adventure. At some time, many of us will have to make changes. Are you ready?

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