When we were children we WANTED to be independent. As adults we now are responsible for our children and, sometimes, our aging parents. It is important to remember that our aging parents are fighting to STAY independent.

Most of us define who we are by our work and family responsibilities. Our lifestyle will change due to health, finance, retirement and grown children. Children move to other states and are involved with their own families.

Now what will I do to fill my time? If you have never been involved with religious or community projects this time can be very lonely. For many adult children the choices that need to be made are not simple.

I really can not stress enough to get involved with the community, coffee groups of retirees in the same field you were in or creative activities. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy doing it. Start writing a list of options and just do it.


Like your parents, we have the option to live at home, move to a condo or apartment, or a senior retirement community with activities and companionship. If we have health issues, a retirement and Independent Living facility can keep us independent for as long as possible.

As we retire, we must make a choice about how to use the time to visit friends, take care of the garden, make things in our workshop, and take trips for sights yet to be explored.

Where would you like to live? There are so many great options today. Don’t wait until the last minute or you may not find what fits your personality. If you need help, please give me a call and discuss the issues bothering you.


Re-evaluate your driving abilities regularly. As difficult as it is to lose independence, hurting other people is not an option. With my eyesight is now classified as legally blind, I use the SMART bus to get me around and I am only 56 years old. You can do it too.

There are forms available from your community bus system for special door to door services. As a senior, you may qualify to receive a special rate.

This process takes time, so preparing the forms in advance is a must.

Some options include:

  • Walking (its great exercise!)
  • Taxi cabs or special senior services
  • Shuttle buses or vans, public buses or door to door SMART service
  • Senior centers, agencies on aging, or religious organizations offer special services


Packing and unpacking can cause added stress. Do you have the time and knowledge how to pack efficiently? For grown adults with children, this may mean taking time off of work or a weekend or two. Some of this process requires getting the boxes, wrapping items or donating items that the family does not want. There is a solution – hire a personalized packing company that will take the pressure off of you. Hire a moving company for the breakable items. Moving companies are made to do just that and are insured for breakage. At the end of the move the unpacking staff will come in and make sure the important items are unpacked first.

Take this survey and check out where you stand. Rate these questions by Most, Moderate or Least dreaded. Where do you stand?

  • Do you dread planning/getting organized for your move?
  • Do you dread losing time at work/taking vacation time for your move?
  • Do you dread unpacking and adjusting the new environment?
  • Did you get a FREE consultation, it is important before contracting with a moving company or packing company?
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