Stop the Fear!!!

I’d like to first start off by THANKING ALL of YOU READERS for your questions and comments regarding disability concerns! So now that we are clear on the dictionary meaning of the word Disable and Handicapped and how to refer to people of our special needs population!

I’m sure your next question is well how do you ask a person about their disability!

Of course there is no easy way, but there is a thing called TACT! Everyone has a story to tell and some aren’t so nice, but the story must be told! As a parent you may thinks this is being a little cruel, but most people with disabilities are willing to tell you about their disability especially if you’re working with them, seeing them at school or church.

I have heard time and time again that if a child is staring at a disable person or says something out loud. “Like mommy what happen to that man’s face? Let the man or women answer the child! You as the parent may want to ask that person do you mind if little Sterling asks you about your disability?

So do not pull your child away and sculled them for asking! “Just Ask…. is it ok? And I can honestly say that the person would say No! I DON”T MIND. I would feel better in telling him so he can understand that he doesn’t have to be afraid of me!

School age children are our key to the feature even if their children in wheelchair, blind, deaf, physically or mentally changelleng each generation will have to learn from one another so why not let our children start first!

Remember if you have a question about a person with a disability or just a general question don’t be afraid to ask “JUST ASK”

I’m your Host, Marsha Florence

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