The Art of Giving

As you know it’s that time of year again when we often open our hearts and wallets to give to those who are less fortunate!! The winter months always set the tone for when someone is in need of a coat, gloves, hat and scarf or it could be a warm place to stay and maybe even food to feed a needy family.

You know there is an ART TO GIVING!! You may not have money, clothes or food to give, but you do have something called TIME!! Have you ever thought about asking the elderly lady down the street if she needs her groceries picked-up for her, maybe driven to the doctor or help with putting up the Christmas lights? How about the elderly gentleman down the street who could use some help with something as simple as a shave? Let’s not forget about the disable neighbor who could use a ride and some assistance in getting their groceries or even consider giving them the winter coat that you out grew last year!!

What about your own aunts and uncles that you only see maybe twice a year!! I know they would like to see you. Also, there are plenty of little smiling faces in orphanages, youth homes and hospitals that would love for someone to visit them and share a few precious moments. And there is such a thing is spending time with a person in need of just sharing conversation and a warm cup of hot chocolate!

So how about trying something a little DIFFERENT THIS YEAR. Remember you don’t always to have money to help. TIME IS A GOOD THING TOO!

Remember if you have a question about a person with a disability or just a general question don’t be afraid to ask “JUST ASK”

I’m your Host, Marsha Florence

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